Emby jail

Setup for Emby service jail with iocage.

On FreeNAS

Create jail:

iocage create --release 11.1-RELEASE --name sabnzbd \ boot="on" vnet=on \ allow_raw_sockets="1" \ ip4_addr="vnet1|" \ interfaces="vnet1:bridge1" \ defaultrouter="" \ resolver="search ramsden.network;nameserver;nameserver"

On Freenas create datasets:

  • Datasets
    • Sabnzbd Data
      • tank/data/database/sabnzbd
    • Downloads
      • For all downloads tank/media/Downloads/...

Create media user/group using uid from freenas:

iocage exec sabnzbd 'pw useradd -n media -u 8675309'

Nullfs mount datasets in jail:

Sabnzbd data:

iocage exec sabnzbd 'mkdir -p /var/db/sabnzbd' && \ iocage exec sabnzbd 'chown media:media /var/db/sabnzbd' && \ iocage fstab --add sabnzbd '/mnt/tank/data/database/sabnzbd /var/db/sabnzbd nullfs rw 0 0'


iocage exec sabnzbd 'mkdir -p /media/Downloads/Complete /media/Downloads/Incomplete && chown -R media:media /media' iocage fstab --add sabnzbd '/mnt/tank/media/Downloads/Complete /media/Downloads/Complete nullfs rw 0 0' && \ iocage fstab --add sabnzbd '/mnt/tank/media/Downloads/Incomplete /media/Downloads/Incomplete nullfs rw 0 0'

Check fstab:

iocage fstab --list sabnzbd

Start jail and enter.

iocage console sabnzbd


Update and install sabnzbd.

pkg update && pkg upgrade && pkg install sabnzbdplus
sysrc 'sabnzbd_enable=YES' 'sabnzbd_user=media' 'sabnzbd_group=media' 'sabnzbd_conf_dir=/var/db/sabnzbd'

Restart jail

Edit config in /var/db/sabnzbd, change host to

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