Deluge jail

Setup for Deluge service jail with iocage.

On FreeNAS

Create jail:

On Freenas create datasets:

  • Datasets

    • Deluge Data

      • tank/data/database/deluge/

    • Download Datasets

      • For Complete Torrents tank/media/Downloads/Complete

      • For Incomplete Torrents tank/media/Downloads/Incomplete

      • For Torrents tank/media/Torrents

Create media user/group using uid from freenas:

Nullfs mount datasets in jail:

Deluge data:

Check fstab:

Start jail and enter.

Install Deluge

Install deluge or deluge-cli depending on what you want installed. Since this is a headless server I'm only installing the CLI version.

Init Script

Setup /etc/rc.conf

Start Service

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