Emby jail

Setup for Emby service jail with iocage.

On FreeNAS

Create jail:

On Freenas create datasets:

  • Datasets

    • Emby Data

      • tank/data/database/emby/emby-server

      • tank/data/database/emby/media-metadata

    • Media

      • For all media tank/media/Series/...

Create media user/group using uid from freenas:

Nullfs mount datasets in jail:

Emby data:

Setup directories:

Repeat for media:

Check fstab:

Start jail and enter.


In the jail, update all packages and install emby-server.

Package Options

Its reccomended to change some package options. Either build a package with poudriere with these changes, or make these changes on the emby jails packages.


It's recommended to install ffmpeg from ports so that certain compile time options can be enabled.

Update the FreeBSD ports tree

Remove the default ffmpeg package

Reinstall FFMpeg from ports with lame option enabled

  • enable the lame option

  • enable the ass subtitles option

  • enable the opus subtitles option

  • enable the x265 subtitles option

Compile and install.


It is recommended to recompile the graphics/ImageMagick package from ports with the following options .

  • disable (unset) 16BIT_PIXEL (to increase thumbnail generation performance)

Delete the imagemagick pkg.

Install from ports

  • Disable the 16BIT_PIXEL option

Emby Start Options

Set the rc script executable.

Check the options.

Set emby to start on boot and change the options based on setup.

Start the emby service.

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