GPG Subkeys

List keys to get your key:

Edit key:

At prompt, add a new subkey, select signing or encrypting, keysize, and expiry:

Repeat for encrypting key if you need one.

Exporting the Subkey(s)

Get your new subkey's ID you want to export.

Export the subkey, keeping the !, can list multiple keys:

To change the passphrase, import the key into a temporary folder.

Edit the key, and change the passphrase.

Note: You will get a warning "error changing passphrase", but it can be ignored.

Now export again as the new, altered subkey.

Importing The Subkey(s)

Now, on a new system, the subkeys can be imported:

Checking gpg --list-secret-keys will show a # after sec, meaning the master key isn't present:

On new, subkey only system:


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