Lets Encrypt jail

Setup for letsencrypt service jail with iocage.

On FreeNAS

Create jail:

iocage create --release 11.1-RELEASE --name letsencrypt \ boot="on" vnet=on \ allow_raw_sockets="1" \ ip4_addr="vnet1|" \ interfaces="vnet1:bridge1" \ defaultrouter="" \ resolver="search ramsden.network;nameserver;nameserver"


On FreeNAS create user and group acme, GID/UID 169.

In web ui create mount datasets:

  • letsencrypt
    • letsencrypt Data
      • mountpoint: /var/db/acme/
        • /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/acme
    • certs
      • mountpoints: /mnt/certs/<cert>
        • couchpotato.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/certs/couchpotato.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/couchpotato.ramsden.network
        • emby.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/certs/emby.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/emby.ramsden.network
        • lilan.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network
        • sabnzbd.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/certs/sabnzbd.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/sabnzbd.ramsden.network
        • sickrage.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/certs/sabnzbd.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/sabnzbd.ramsden.network
        • syncthing.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/certs/syncthing.ramsden.network
          • /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/syncthing.ramsden.network

Have the acme user own thedatasettank/data/database/letsencrypt/acme.

Mount /mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/acme to /var/db/acme/ Mount the certs under /var/db/acme/certs/

Nullfs mount datasets in jail:

letsencrypt data:

iocage exec letsencrypt 'mkdir -p /var/db/acme' iocage fstab --add letsencrypt '/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/acme /var/db/acme nullfs rw 0 0'

Setup directories for certs:

iocage exec letsencrypt 'mkdir -p /mnt/certs/couchpotato.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/emby.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/sabnzbd.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/sickrage.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/syncthing.ramsden.network'

Mount the directories:

iocage fstab --add letsencrypt '/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/couchpotato.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/couchpotato.ramsden.network nullfs rw 0 0' iocage fstab --add letsencrypt '/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/emby.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/emby.ramsden.network nullfs rw 0 0' iocage fstab --add letsencrypt '/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network nullfs rw 0 0' iocage fstab --add letsencrypt '/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/sabnzbd.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/sabnzbd.ramsden.network nullfs rw 0 0' iocage fstab --add letsencrypt '/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/sickrage.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/sickrage.ramsden.network nullfs rw 0 0' iocage fstab --add letsencrypt '/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/syncthing.ramsden.network /mnt/certs/syncthing.ramsden.network nullfs rw 0 0'

Check fstab:

iocage fstab --list letsencrypt

Start jail and enter.

iocage console letsencrypt


In the jail, update all packages and install acme.sh.

pkg update && pkg upgrade pkg install acme.sh

Switch to the ‘acme’ user which renews the certificate on a cron job add configuration.

su - acme

Issue cert

export CF_Email="****************" export CF_Key="****************" acme.sh --issue --dns dns_cf -d emby.ramsden.network

Add acme to le in FreeNAS and jail.

pw groupadd -n le -g 2000 && pw groupmod le -m acme

chown certs dir in freenas to acme:le recursively.

Set Install Location

Now, to set the install location for the certificates use the installcert command, for example:

acme.sh --installcert -d lilan.ramsden.network \ --certpath /mnt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network/Lilan_s_LetsEncrypt_Certificate.crt \ --keypath /mnt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network/Lilan_s_LetsEncrypt_Certificate.key

Cert deploy location: /etc/certificates

Various Services

Various Services need their certificates installed two different locations, and some of them need some changes. There are a few that I make changes to from the default.


Emby needs pks file, to convert cert key cert and ca are needed

Set deploy location

ACME_BIN="~/.acme.sh/acme.sh" SERVER="emby.ramsden.network" CERT_DEPLOY_DIR="/mnt/certs" # Certs CERT="${SERVER}.cer" KEY="${SERVER}.key" CA="ca.cer" PKCS="${SERVER}.pfx" # Set deploy location: acme.sh --installcert -d "${SERVER}" \ --certpath "${CERT_DEPLOY_DIR}/${SERVER}/${CERT}" \ --keypath "${CERT_DEPLOY_DIR}/${SERVER}/${KEY}" \ --capath "${CERT_DEPLOY_DIR}/${SERVER}/${CA}" # Convert to pkcs openssl pkcs12 -export -out ${CERT_DEPLOY_DIR}/${SERVER}/${PKCS} \ -inkey ${CERT_DEPLOY_DIR}/${SERVER}/${KEY} \ -in ${CERT_DEPLOY_DIR}/${SERVER}/${CERT} \ -certfile ${CERT_DEPLOY_DIR}/${SERVER}/${CA} \ -passout pass:

Install directory in jail: /var/db/emby-server/ssl


Crontab from freenas:

You probably want to renew starts on a crontab so they get done every month. I use the following script to renew my various services:

#!/bin/sh # letsencrypt Jail le_jail="letsencrypt" le_user="acme" cert_db="/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs" jail_db="/mnt/tank/data/database" # Cloudflare account export CF_Email="" export CF_Key="" ############# MAIN CODE ############# convert_pkcs(){ server="${1}" pass="${2}" out_name="${3}" key="${4}" cert="${5}" ca="${6}" echo echo "Generating pkcs for ${server}" echo "to ${cert_db}/${server}/${out_name}" openssl pkcs12 -export -out "${cert_db}/${server}/${out_name}" \ -inkey ${cert_db}/${server}/${key} \ -in ${cert_db}/${server}/${cert} \ -certfile ${cert_db}/${server}/${ca} \ -passout ${pass} } # Install to jail, locations relative to jail db # eg # deploy "emby/ssl" "letsencrypt/certs" "media" "media" "660" deploy(){ server="${1}" deploy_location="${2}" owner="${3}" group="${4}" perms="${5}" echo echo "Installing certs for: ${server}" echo "with deploy location: ${deploy_location}" # Install certs to {} find "${cert_db}/${server}/" -type f \ -exec install -b -m ${perms} \ -o ${owner} -g ${group} {} ${deploy_location} \; } # Run acme in jail to check if certs need renewing, if so renew iocage exec --jail_user ${le_user} ${le_jail} /bin/sh -c \ 'acme.sh --cron --force --home "/var/db/acme/.acme.sh"' # convert emby's key to pkcs convert_pkcs "emby.ramsden.network" "pass:" \ "emby.ramsden.network.pfx" \ "emby.ramsden.network.key" \ "emby.ramsden.network.cer" \ "ca.cer" # deploy emby's certs deploy "emby.ramsden.network" \ "${jail_db}/emby/emby-server/ssl/" \ "media" "media" "770" # Restart emby iocage exec emby /bin/sh -c 'service emby-server restart' # deploy lilan's certs? Saved in /etc/certificates #install -b -B ".old-`date +%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S`" -m 400 -o root -g wheel \ #/mnt/tank/data/database/letsencrypt/certs/lilan.ramsden.network/Lilan_s_LetsEncrypt_Certificate.key \ #/etc/certificates #deploy "lilan.ramsden.network" \ # "/etc/certificates" \ # "root" "wheel" "400" echo echo "Finished deploying keys"

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