Aurutils is an AUR helper.

aurutils is a collection of scripts to automate usage of the Arch User Repository, with different tasks such as package searching, update checks, or computing dependencies kept separate.

The chosen approach for managing packages is local pacman repositories, rather than foreign (installed by "pacman -U") packages.


Install from aur package.

Add developer key.

Optional dependencies:

  • aria2 (aria2-fast, aria2-git) (optional) – threaded downloads

  • devtools (devtools-git, devtools32-git) (optional) – systemd-nspawn support

  • expac (expac-git) (optional) – aursift script

  • parallel (parallel-rust) (optional) – threaded downloads

  • repose (repose-git) (optional) – repo-add alternative

  • vifm (vifm-git) (optional) – build file interaction

I started with aurutils devtools parallel vifm.


Create a local repository config. Adapted from man page

Add config to the end of /etc/pacman.conf.

Create repository root and database:

Sync repo.

Build in chroot

It's possible to build in a clean chroot (actually using systemd-nspawn container) with makechrootpkg.

To install a package to the container use pacman --root=/var/lib/aurbuild/x86_64/root -S zfs-linux.

Setup Container

I set up a aurbuild root to be zfs dataset (optional). Could also use btrfs.

Add to fstab.


To get a list of all current existing AUR packages so that they can be migrated to aurutils, run pacman -Qmq.

Attempt a build in a clean chroot of google-chrome.

Now it can be installed with pacman -S google-chrome.

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